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Honorable Dr. Suffragan Bishop Wardell Watkins Jr. and First Lady Attorney Brenda Watkins

Dr. Suffragan Bishop Wardell Watkins Jr.

Elder Wardell Watkins founded the Faith Apostolic Temple in Kansas City, KS in 2000. He held the first service on December 20th of that year. Elder Wardell was ordained during the National Convention in August of 2001.

Since then, Suffragan Bishop Wardell Watkins Jr. has presided over Sunday services with his congregation as well as Wednesday night bible classes. Continuing Christian education for those in the community. The Bishop has continued his studies in Christianity and received a Doctorate of Divinity in 2020.


Dr. Suffragan Bishop Wardell Watkins Jr. continues to preside over the Faith Apostolic Temple's congregation to this day.

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